понедельник, 6 октября 2014 г.

I'm seeking for a job

Hello, everyone! I'm seeking for a job as a libGDX / Android / Java game developer. I'm living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We'll be glad to cooperate. Mailto: vnms11@gmail.com.

Here is my experience.
I'm most interested in: libGDX, cross-platform, AI, fuzzy logic, 2D game development from scratch, OpenGL, java, interesting algorithms.
Can sometimes do jobs, associated with: pure Android SDK, Python, Android NDK, jUnit, client-server, SQL.
See my old-old game on google play market.
Or my site with portfolio (sorry for advertisements there).
If you seek for commercial developments, see navigational simulator. Here I worked as a part of team for 2 years. And another 3 years I've been developing different integration software for ENOVIA V6, SmarTeam, CATIA, SolidWorks and I've been working with clients (see Dassault site).

Serpent's Madness 2012

Serpent's Madness is back! It was first developed for windows platform. Now you can play on android. Improved serpent movement, smarter AI and respawn feature included. Here serpent AI has "weights" and done like in fuzzy logic. Code is open, listed in my post on habrahabr. Graphics is done by professional designer.

Platform: android
View on market
Developed with Android SDK

Rock Carrier

Rock Carrier is my try to write a free fan game to Space Rangers 2, developed by Elemental Games. It's a complete new game with graphics and sound from original game. As allways, I developed it from scratch. It is an arcade space real-time shooter. Game is loading for 2-5 minutes. When done, press space bar to play. You control dominator space ships with 2 type of attacks (on left and right mouse buttons). Pirate ships try to destroy you. There is a giant star, asteroid rings and space stations on the level. If you'll get killed, you will respawn at left top corner of level. Your health is displayed in left bottom corner of the screen. Your ship follows the mouse cursor.

Developed with own engine IZeng, C++, corona library
Platform: Windows

Unknown glade

Unknown glade is my first game, developed with Action Script 3. It is for 2-3 players. It's turn-based logic game. You control from 2 to 3 characters on the field. Each character can move to neighbour cell or attack. To see available attacks - move the cursor over the character. To attack press one of the buttons under the character. Characters moves one by one. So, buttons only available to current active character. The task is to win over other characters. Graphics done by friends.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Developed with AS3.
Download flash player 15. It is free and downloaded from adobe.com.


 Railway is 2D arcade game with top-down view. There are trains on the railway. Your task is to control railway points and light to make train of some color arrive at depot with same color. Train count groths by time, but the task is the same. I developed this game alone from scratch to complete game. Graphics is drawn by me too. To select level open "Game" menu.

Platform: Windows
Developed with: C++, GDI+, Win API.
Install instructions: path to game must not have non-english letters, [for Windows 7] run the application with Windows 98/ME compatibilty


вторник, 30 сентября 2014 г.

Serpent's Madness

Serpent's Madness is a snake-like game where from 2 to 8 snakes must survive in fair fight. Collision with another snake means death. Game is divided into rounds, each snake get score, while it is alive. Keep alive for longer and you will win.

Besides, there is a 2 more game modes:
  • Snakes tournament - not just stay alive, but also collect as many apples, as you can!
  • Survival - survive the hard mode! Survive in alive moving mazes!
Developed with Delphi 7
Platform: Windows


The ball

The ball is my first experience with DirectX. Player must not let the ball hit the goal. You must hit the goal on the other side of the screen! There is a score counter on top, it is not limited, so you can play up to infinity.
Graphics is taken from "Magazinchik BO", all credit to: mult.ru (I just hope they don't get angry on me for this pirate copy).

Developed with: MS VS C++ Express 2005, Win API, DirectX SDK.