вторник, 30 сентября 2014 г.

I'm seeking for a job

Hello, everyone! I'm seeking for a job as a libGDX / Android / Java game developer. I'm living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We'll be glad to cooperate. Mailto: vnms11@gmail.com.

Here is my experience.
I'm most interested in: libGDX, cross-platform, AI, fuzzy logic, 2D game development from scratch, OpenGL, java, interesting algorithms.
Can sometimes do jobs, associated with: pure Android SDK, Python, Android NDK, jUnit, client-server, SQL.
See my old-old game on google play market.
Or my site with portfolio (sorry for advertisements there).
If you seek for commercial developments, see navigational simulator. Here I worked as a part of team for 2 years. And another 3 years I've been developing different integration software for ENOVIA V6, SmarTeam, CATIA, SolidWorks and I've been working with clients (see Dassault site).

Serpent's Madness 2012

Serpent's Madness - game, in which from 2 up to 8 serpents must survive in equal fight. Collision with another serpent means death. You must survive as long as you can, getting +1 to score when next serpent is out. In this version there is also a respawn feature.

Platform: android
View on market

Serpent's Madness

Serpent's Madness is a snake-like game where from 2 to 8 snakes must survive in fair fight. Collision with another snake means death. Game is divided into rounds, each snake get score, while it is alive. Keep alive for longer and you will win.

Besides, there is a 2 more game modes:

  • Snakes tournament - not just stay alive, but also collect as many apples, as you can!
  • Survival - survive the hard mode! Survive in alive moving mazes!

Developed with Delphi 7
Platform: Windows


The ball

The ball is my first experience with DirectX. Player must not let the ball hit the goal. You must hit the goal on the other side of the screen! There is a score counter on top, it is not limited, so you can play up to infinity.
Graphics is taken from "Magazinchik BO", all credit to: mult.ru (I just hope they don't get angry on me for this pirate copy).

Developed with: MS VS C++ Express 2005, Win API, DirectX SDK.

Battle Epicentre game: movement prototype

This is a small demonstation of Delphi canvas'es possibilities, available "out of the box". Pascal was the first programming language, which I studied. And I remember Delphi 7 as a useful programming tool. I wanted to write game like counter strike, but with 2D view from the sky... But when I knew, that someone already done that, I canceled the project. I attach this prototype to my blog just in memory of Delphi's power.
Platform: Windows

IZEng - engine for game development

IZEng is an open-source game engine with 2D graphics onboard. It encapsulates DirectX work. It includes simple movement models: linear, angular. Supports acceleration, friction, gravity if needed. RockCarrier is one of my games, which is developed on the base of this engine. Documentation included, but not full.

If you have questions, contact: vnms11@gmail.com. Title the letter "IgriZdes Engine".

I developed this small engine when I was studying in the University, so don't be surprised. Download.

пятница, 3 января 2014 г.

Cocos2d converting to cocos2d-x: from objective C to C++

Recently, I was following "Cocos2d Cookbook Receipts" from http://cocos2dcookbook.com/. This looks like very useful book for learning cocos2d-x for me. It is divided into receipts, so functionality in one recept doesn't use another, so it is very good for game development. It may be read in any way. So, if I want to use some receipt I had to translate it to cocos2d-x (v2.0.1 I use). Here I put translated receipts for begginers in cocos2d-x and for future suggestions. I also wrote convertor from obj C to C++.
See here:

Receipt 2: Coloring Sprites
Features in receipt:
coloring swords,
fading to color (black).
I don't managed to draw gradients - I didn't find any CCGradient* class! Where are they? And I don't use any more sprites - there was another receipt for that.
Receipt 3: Animating Sprites
Features in receipt:
flying bats, gliding down, flying up and changing directions (left - right). Looks nice. Lightning!
See original receipt at http://cocos2dcookbook.com/ for more info.
I don't use Receipt.h && .mm files to simplify project. It is a receipt after all...