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Cocos2d converting to cocos2d-x: from objective C to C++

Recently, I was following "Cocos2d Cookbook Receipts" from http://cocos2dcookbook.com/. This looks like very useful book for learning cocos2d-x for me. It is divided into receipts, so functionality in one recept doesn't use another, so it is very good for game development. It may be read in any way. So, if I want to use some receipt I had to translate it to cocos2d-x (v2.0.1 I use). Here I put translated receipts for begginers in cocos2d-x and for future suggestions. I also wrote convertor from obj C to C++.
See here:

Receipt 2: Coloring Sprites
Features in receipt:
coloring swords,
fading to color (black).
I don't managed to draw gradients - I didn't find any CCGradient* class! Where are they? And I don't use any more sprites - there was another receipt for that.
Receipt 3: Animating Sprites
Features in receipt:
flying bats, gliding down, flying up and changing directions (left - right). Looks nice. Lightning!
See original receipt at http://cocos2dcookbook.com/ for more info.
I don't use Receipt.h && .mm files to simplify project. It is a receipt after all...

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