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I'm seeking for a job

Hello, everyone! I'm seeking for a job as a libGDX / Android / Java game developer. I'm living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We'll be glad to cooperate. Mailto: vnms11@gmail.com.

Here is my experience.
I'm most interested in: libGDX, cross-platform, AI, fuzzy logic, 2D game development from scratch, OpenGL, java, interesting algorithms.
Can sometimes do jobs, associated with: pure Android SDK, Python, Android NDK, jUnit, client-server, SQL.
See my old-old game on google play market.
Or my site with portfolio (sorry for advertisements there).
If you seek for commercial developments, see navigational simulator. Here I worked as a part of team for 2 years. And another 3 years I've been developing different integration software for ENOVIA V6, SmarTeam, CATIA, SolidWorks and I've been working with clients (see Dassault site).

Also, I have great experience in: c++, cocos2d-x, boost, COM, WinAPI, GDI, GDI+, Delphi, TCL, XML, Direct2D, aspx.
I worked with: AS3, Haskell, Prologue, JSP, MQL, .NET, C#, google maps API, Objective C, Oracle, iOS, YAML.

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