суббота, 30 апреля 2016 г.

MSI X99A SLI PLUS Windows 10 hang issue resolved

I've become a happy owner of MSI X99A Sli Plus mobo. I already read about many issues with asus burninng, msi burning, random Windows hangs due to problems with USB. And I want to say that I encountered nothing of that with my MSI mobo (bios 1.9, recently updated it to 1.B).

But I encountered an annoying hang for which I found a solution, so I want to share it because I don't see it anywhere on the web.

Problem: after unplugging PC from the outlet and plugging back Windows 10 hangs for the first time.
Solution: insert USB stick in one of the USB3.1 slots. You just need to keep 1 USB3.1 slot occupied to not run into that problem

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